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The Bothy Wine & Whisky Bar is a lounge featuring many whiskies & other drinks along with charcuterie, cheese plates & Scottish fare. The Bothy Wine and Whisky Bar comes next on our list of the best Edmonton bars. They can create a Wine or Whisky tasting paired with various types of meat and cheeses on request. Ideal for large groups! Tastings begin at $45 per person. These Wee huts would be found in remote mountainous areas of the Scottish Highlands and would always be left open to provide weary travelers with shelter, food, and a wee dram. Their version of The Bothy aims to accomplish the same thing! They have over 200 different single malts (and counting), over 16 wines by the glass, and a new menu of eats (haggis, anyone? ). They hope to bring some Scottish hospitality to Edmonton. 

Get a bottle of wine for half the price. Join them every Thursday for a bottle of selected red or white wines. You owe it to yourself! They offer our Cajun Spice or Blue Cheese Sriracha mussels every Wednesday for only $12/lb. Enjoy a Bothy Favorite! Along with Scottish cuisine, their restaurant serves charcuterie boards and cheese platters. They have over 200 single malts (and counting) and 16 wines by the glass. They offer good food, great drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere that exemplifies Scottish hospitality in the area, with weekly specials on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Their desserts and meals are also delicious, tickling the palate and bringing comfort to those looking for something new while filling and comforting hungry bellies. Drink premium beers, ales, lagers, or wine to wash it all down.

The main highlights of The Bothy Wine & Whisky Bar are High-quality alcohol, Accepting reservations, and Good rates. Let us take a look at what patrons are saying about their service. I had the steak sandwich with carrot and ginger soup, undoubtedly the best steak sandwich I had ever had. Chris’s service and the meal were both Michelin-starred! This is one of Edmonton’s best-kept culinary secrets! This fantastic local restaurant comes highly recommended! I am a huge wine fan. I love the atmosphere that goes with a great wine place, and when it’s combined with exceptional service and quality bottles and glasses, that’s when you get to Bothy. This is the stop for a date night. Go out and have some fantastic appetizers and incredible wine, surrounded by a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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