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The Butterfly Lounge San Francisco, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a unique spot in San Francisco? The Butterfly Lounge is the place to be. This beautiful spot is ideal for those looking to explore San Francisco. The Butterfly Lounge is a small but unique bar hidden away in the first floor of Hotel Majestic. The cocktails are the real star here, everything is handcrafted, unique, and so delicious. Good neighborhood spot for a low-key night. 

The Butterfly Lounge features exceptional service, nice people, stiff tasty & strong drinks that are reasonably priced, friendly & competent staff, amazingly delicious food – highly recommended for anyone looking for a great meal, cool decorations on the walls, chic decor – the decor consists of exotixic pinned butterflies and the classic furniture of a hotel with a great history in San Francisco, great selection of wine, and a nice atmosphere. The bar is furnished with 3 tables, a bar seating 6 comfortably, and is overlooking the dining room. The menu itself is basic when it comes to food but the burger is better than anything else on Polk Street. The oil they cook with is very light and fresh as well. Everything is very clean. 

Worth taking the time to escape the bustle of downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. This is a must see unique spot when you visit San Francisco. Overall it’s an extremely positive, memorable experience. Highly recommended to all those who are looking for a unique spot to hang out with friends or on a date night out. While at The Butterfly Lounge you’ll definitely enjoy every minute! This place is absolutely fabulous!

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