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Chastain is excellent for dinner and breakfast, but it shouldn’t be forgotten as a happy hour spot. The spacious terrace is a great place to avoid rush hours. You can keep it light with sangria (Albarino and vermouth) or choose a more alcoholic one such as vodka, sherry, or male with olive brine. While you’re there, you’d better order some snacks from the menu-can we suggest double-fermented sourdough bread and crab pieces? THE CHASTAIN is a new American neighborhood restaurant at the northern end of Atlanta’s vibrant Chastain Park. It provides an imaginative interpretation of classic home cooking and focuses on sourcing the best local ingredients and seasonal harvests. 

We encourage you to explore the delicious culinary menu and take you on a culinary adventure while enjoying the best of Southeastern cuisine in a laid-back neighborhood. They are dedicated to building relationships with small suppliers, family-owned farms, and local artisans throughout the Southeast. Their diligence and passion are at the heart of all the cuisine served at THE CHASTAIN. At THE CHASTAIN, they are teams and families, and as they get to know you, we believe that if they share a little more about ourselves, we can build a stronger community. Located in a former roadside country store adjacent to Atlanta’s 650-acre Chastain Park, their site is designed to respect the history of the building they live in and the neighborhood we run. 

Located right next to Chastain Horse Park and the Amphitheater, it welcomes neighbors, fellow Atlantis, newcomers, and visitors to the community. It enjoys dining in a cozy and contemporary setting. The restaurant, now known as “THE CHASTAIN,” actually started as a country shop that once existed on Powers Ferry Road when it was a dusty country road. Today, there is a chic district in what was once fertile farmland. An early entrepreneur named John Adam Langford bought 200 acres in the area to grow corn, cotton, and millet sugar cane. A few years later, another Langford was driven by the family’s retail urge to rebuild the store near its original location. Langford later sold hot dogs, burgers, and other groceries in this small country grocery store (now the bar area of ​​THE CHASTAIN).

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