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The City Lounge and Restaurant Bar Newark, Guide & Review

A club-like bar focusing on music, dancing, and drinks, visit The City Lounge and Restaurant
and dance the night away. A dance floor has been set up in the middle, which covers most of
the place, with a couple of seats in the corners if you want to sit back and enjoy the music while
sipping a drink of your choice. The bar has a relatively simple setup with dim colorful lighting in
the back to match the place’s style with low-hanging lamps and dim lights. They have also
started live music so you can enjoy the place even more while some classic 90s beats play in
the background on the weekends or new hip hop songs on the weekdays.
If you want to grab a drink while you’re enjoying the music or dancing, then you won’t be
disappointed by the bartenders. Known for serving one of the best long island teas in the area,
make sure you try one in your favorite flavor; strawberry and mango have been known to top the
list. The alcohol and fruit blend is perfect and comes for just $6. They also serve alcoholic
lemonades and margaritas, leaving you refreshed and ready for round two on the dance floor.
There are some food options as well. If you visit during Happy Hour, you can get their famous
fries for just $1, which are mouthwatering. They also do special deals for groups and parties,
and you can get bottle packages for an excellent price. They also have hookahs in various
flavors so you can kick back and relax with your friends.
Come by The City Lounge and enjoy the music and drinks while dancing your time away with
friends and family or even random strangers.

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