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The Coconut Tree Cardiff is planned WITH OUTDOOR SEATING! It is Bringing Sri Lankan street food to Cardiff. Experience an explosion of flavors in our vegetables, meats & fish along with sweet and fiery Cocktails. A naturally abundant vegan & vegetarian cuisine. Taste an explosion of flavors in their veggies, meats, and fish, as well as sweet and spicy Cocktails. a naturally bountiful vegan and vegetarian meal. The Coconut Tree is more than simply a restaurant and bar. They are a unit. Take a group of Sri Lankan friends from London and Cheltenham, transfer them all to Cheltenham in 2016, add a couple more to round out their squad, and work to make a dream a reality. What began as merely looking for a place to live above a pub, they then requested permission to lease the bar and kitchen of 59 St Paul’s Road.

In November 2016, they aimed to deliver the best Sri Lankan street food, sweet and fiery Cocktails served with warm hospitality in a stripped-back ‘street style’ interior with great tunes. They have opened new territories where they will aspire to serve the very best Sri Lankan street food and innovative drinks. ‘Cocktails’ are their signature service, served in ceramics made by hand in Sri Lanka, with lashings of their Sri Lankan spirit made from coconut flower nectar. They think of their customers and everyone working at The Coconut Tree as their extended family; they want to bring everyone a taste of their warm Sri Lankan hospitality. You’ll often hear that ‘everyone is welcome to the table just like at home. Coconut Tree, a charming Sri Lankan restaurant in the heart of town, offers much more than excellent dishes of hoppers and kottu.

Head down to Mill Lane, where their friendly bartenders can mix up some delicious drinks using their unique coconut blossom nectar liqueur. The Coconut Tree is a lively Sri Lankan restaurant on Mill Lane. The restaurant champions a unique dining experience without breaking the wallet, serving classic dishes such as Hoppers, Kotthu, and devilled delights alongside a menu of tapas-style small plates. These are skilfully created with a trademark spirit produced with coconut blossom nectar and presented in handcrafted pottery. To top it all off, the restaurant’s street-style décor makes it very popular, allowing visitors to have fun while dining and socializing, surrounded by vividly painted walls, trademark masks, Sri Lankan decor, and fantastic play selections.

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