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The building’s sign says “Touch of Class,” but keep going since you’re at the proper spot. The Commodore’s bar is original to the building, as is the ambiance, a traditional and legendary music club that instantly makes you feel relaxed for having selected this location. A disco ball illuminates the dance floor; there are velvet curtains, mirrors, and many dark nooks; and the night is young. The crowd can be eclectic earlier in the evening but come later in the evening on the weekend, and the dance floor is packed with the Charleston party crowd, eager to dance and drink until the doors close. There are a few specialty drinks, but most customers stick to classics, such as wine, beer, or bourbon on the rocks. 

Glasses are elegant early in the evening, but the cups might become plastic after the bouncer arrives. There is no food menu at the Commodore, so eat before arriving. The bartenders are quick and professional, but they won’t hold your hand while you discuss the benefits of mezcal vs. tequila. Be kind to them and the visitors in line behind you, and everything will be OK. This is a venue for music enthusiasts, non-sitting dancers, and those who wish they could travel back in time while wearing the current styles. 

It’s for many folks who don’t want to spend an evening alone. Throwback bar, the Commodore is like taking a trip back in time. The jazz club interiors remain the same as they were in the ’80s. Most nights are full of a band on stage and customers taking over the dance floor. There are plenty of booths and lounge tables for those not wanting to bust a move. So, this is one of the best, most fun bars and nightlife spots Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, you should visit this place at least once! It is a great spot to stay with your friends and loved ones or follow a quest to meet new, exciting, fun people! So, this is the hub for all those purposes! We highly recommend it.

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