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Eclectic cocktails are freshly prepared at The Dead Canary, the designer bar with style harking back to the 1920s. Featuring ‘ excellent cuisine and outstanding cocktails,’ The Dead Canary wants to be the most outstanding bar in Cardiff. Every night, the amazing folks here, who are never hesitant to push the envelope, have one goal: to make your experience one to remember. The Dead Canary is your escape from the ordinary, having been there and done that nightlife that keeps Cardiff hostage. Our highly trained and award-winning team is on hand during your stay to ensure you get the most fantastic experience possible. Cocktails created with ingredients grown in our lab on the top floors of this Grade 2 historic building are the finest in Wales. 

It’s seated only, and you’ll be attentively served, allowing you more time to take in everything that’s going on. Live music is available throughout the weekend and complements the venue’s design and mood. A Jazz/Folk/50’s cluster of tunes awaits you when every varying band steps up. Pre and post, you can expect a rich mix of songs through the ages. What a superb location!

You’d never guess this location exists. You knock on the door of what looks to be an old building, and a member of staff lets you in. The crew is knowledgeable about the Dragon Menu’s odd drinks and will create an alternate beverage if you want something else. It’s a touch more expensive than your regular cocktail bar, but it’s worth it because they pack a punch. We had a fantastic day and will surely be back. 

I can’t suggest it enough. I reserved a table for my boyfriend’s birthday cocktails. We both enjoy whisky, and the guy who served us was both eager and knowledgeable. He made some excellent recommendations. We had a cocktail and four different whiskeys; we wished we had more time, mainly because the total cost was much lower than expected based on our beverages! We adored Dead Canary; it has so many unique features that we couldn’t criticize it. Everything was beautiful, from the secret back entrance to the helpful person to the beautifully printed menu (which you can purchase for £20!), the fantastic themed decor, and the excellent music selection at precisely the correct loudness to facilitate discussion. There were several drinks to pick from, each with a unique flavor and presentation. The drinks were distinctively Dead Canary, imaginative, and intriguing.

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