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The Dirty Onion And Yardbird is a Traditional looking pub with a modern vibe, including a Jameson barrel sculpture in the beer garden. Whether it’s food, drink, or entertainment, The Dirty Onion has everything. They amuse you with two bars, one restaurant, and one of Belfast‘s most extensive beer gardens. They entertain seven nights a week, focusing strongly on contemporary live bands and acoustic acts. Oh, and they are free entry every night! Yardbird is their rotisserie chicken restaurant upstairs above The Dirty Onion. Their free-range chicken is marinated in lemon, buttermilk, and paprika for 24 hours. The meat is then dry-rubbed, boiled, then blast-chilled to keep it moist before being roasted on a spit. All of their cuisines are prepared in-house, and service is quick! Every Monday night, enjoy the finest of the city with a lineup of local performers playing chart-toppers and your favorite songs. 

Every Tuesday evening, kick back and relax with Connor Maley, Mark Hamilton, and Nathan Oregan. The musicians may vary each week, but the music remains first-rate! Every Wednesday evening, they feature the best in live acoustic sessions from Belfast’s top musicians in the beer garden! Juram Juram and The Fables will provide spectacular performances. The Second Fiddle hosts an excellent music session called Handed-Down, hosted by Joshua Burnside. Expect remixed classical music and a relaxed mood. Whether you’re looking for foot-tapping or an actual jig, The Fables and Scott MC will get you moving at The Dirty Onion beer garden! Artists may alter their minds at the last minute—every Thursday at 8 p.m. 

Traditional music features a one-of-a-kind combination of bagpipes, guitar, and vocals. Every Friday, The Dirty Onion has three live performers. Acoustic Sessions – in the beer garden – information on Facebook. The Nine Inch Nialls, Drum and Bates, and Jav & Dave are among the possible acts. The Second Fiddle presents the city’s best late-night Trad sessions, so relax and enjoy. Every Saturday, we have live music all evening at the Onion from some of Belfast’s greatest local bands! Expect incredible guitarists, wild vocalists, and music that offers a new and exciting interpretation of modern hits. We like a laid-back Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide some wonderful tuneage on stage throughout the day, and who knows? Things could just become rowdy! Michael Kerr, The Fables, and Nathan Oregan will be performing. Artists may alter their minds at the last minute. 


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