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The Dove and Rainbow Bar Sheffield, Guide & Review

This Hartshead Square pub is the pioneer of rock and roll music. Dove and Rainbow host musicians and bands from all across the globe and have all sorts of ales and spirits you’d like. The bar is known for its club nights where resident Djs and student societies try their hand at mixing up music for you all. They do not have nameless and faceless DJs playing for you. You can interact and send in your requests to them as well. If the Dj is not here, they also have a jukebox where you can play your tunes.
They offer a wide range of real ales from all around the UK. Local beers are represented here, along with many of those from local breweries all around the country. They seek out the best from around them, so if you want a pint, drop by to check it out. A live performance while you sip on your drinks sounds excellent. Bands from Europe, Australia, the USA, and Ireland come to play for the crowd at Dove and Rainbow. You can even get in touch with them if you’re a band that wants to get a slot to perform.
Although the space might be a bit packed, you will surely enjoy this place’s energy and vibe. Make this your next bar to go out to.
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