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The Falcon Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing gay bar in Los Angeles? The Falcon is the place to be. The Falcon is basically a gay dive bar. There’s much to see here. So take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about The Falcon. The Falcon is a cozy little dive bar bottled up by the newly acquired pizza place which is under renovation to expand. Happening gay bar featuring house music, a dance floor, and themed events in a small, festive surroundings. 

There you’ll find no shortage of fashion, fun, or feistiness. During the day you can catch up with on all the gossip , watch a little TV, find a cocktail or chop it up with your favorite bartender. By the night prepare  for the volume to go up and the seating to get tight as the mood changes into more of a nightclub atmosphere Thursday through Sunday.

The Falcon features authentic vibes, great friendly bartenders, some great specials, good reasonably priced drinks, great outdoor area, free WI-FI, awesome manager, delicious food – the establishment serves food delivered fresh and hot from Thai Silk, great music, great dance floor, beautiful hip atmosphere, stylish interior, creative delicious cocktails, great ambiance, and wonderful service. Here you’ll enjoy a mellow setting of string patio lights and outdoor experience, as if you were in your own backyard. They have videos playing and a fun group playing great music on the jukebox. 

Visit them soon, it’s always a great time. Overall, The Falcon is a place to chill and let go off your weekly, and daily stresses. Fun experience, if you’re LGBTQ and into the leather scene, this is the place for you. 100% recommended!

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