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The Fox & Parrot Tavern Gatlinburg, Guide & Review

The Fox & Parrot Tavern was born on September 9, 1998 when Brian pulled, and then served the first of what would become many, many pints of beer. At that time, the Tavern building was still under construction, and beer was served in the Papworth Photographic Gallery. Originally planned as the expansion of the Gallery, the Tavern building quickly became a two-story building due to the slope of the property. 

Always having loved not only a decent beer, but being surrounded by good friends, Brain envisioned the Tavern as being the kind of place that travelers would have frequented during the carriage trade in the late 18th century. His personal collection of British artwork is complemented not only by breweriana, but also representative artwork from around the Arts and Crafts community of Gatlinburg. All their meals are authentic, Traditional British recipes, made to order. The Fox & Parrot Tavern is NOT a “Fast Food” establishment. Get in, sit down and enjoy a drink, and have some great conversation. All of their meals are handmade to order, they pride themselves on their fresh menu. The Fox & Parrot Tavern is quite famous for its traditional British food, despite being located in a former colony. 

This little British pub tucked in along the artist community has some of the best food for a decent price. A unique little pub along the Arts & Crafts loop in Gatlinburg. The Fox & Parrot Tavern opening hours are Monday through Thursday from 12pm – 8pm, Friday & Saturday from 12pm – 10pm, and Sunday from 12pm – 6pm. The Fox & Parrot Tavern features awesome & delicious items on the menu; retro & antique decor; no frills seating; an impressive menu; great beer selection; great quaint location; delicious food; friendly & welcoming staff; plenty of card games, board games, darts, and cold beer to keep you occupied; awesome appetizers; pet friendly place; and excellent service. 

Well worth the visit for a stunning and unforgettable experience in Gatlinburg. Check it out.

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