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The Fox Pub is modeled after a British pub; this saloon serves up American fare such as patty melts & Cobb salads. The decor reminded me of an old Irish bar– shiny, lacquered wood, dark interior, older worn carpet. The staff was friendly, same for all the patrons. Inside it’s a lively, loud place. We were fortunate to find a chair at the bar, but additional tables are available upstairs. There’s also seating out front. A special drink list sounded enticing, but we opted for the standby vodka/soda and a Redbull before getting back on the road to the Bay Area. We love this place. We have a warm welcome and good drinks every time we come in. The food is super good, and we always have a good time. Mike and Kenzie are amazing bartenders, making it a good and welcoming environment. 

I cannot remember the bartender’s name(a brunette young man with a trimmed beard), but he was super amazing and helpful with food and business choices. We got here right at six ish when they opened. It was nice and not packed for a Friday, at least downstairs. But he said it would be later. I had the fish and chips but with a salad. The fish was so good. He said they lightly batter them, then set them away and batter and fry when they are wanted. I think that’s how he described it. But it makes them so good. My friend had grilled cheese, and she liked it! I love the decor. The bathrooms were clean and big. We got into town from LA on a Thursday afternoon and decided to check out The Fox Pub. 

It was late afternoon, early evening, so it wasn’t too busy. We picked a spot at the bar. The bartender “Monica” was super cool. We ordered Fish and Chips, Artichoke Jalapeño Dip, and a Chicken Club sandwich. Everything was delicious! Even the tortilla chips which came with the dip were crisp and tasty. We found out they are made regularly by Maria, Monica’s mom. Talk about fresh, crispy, and authentic! We ordered a few Old Fashions to finish our late lunch and early dinner, which were spot on. Monica said they make them to perfection in memory of one of their former mixologists, “Josh,” as it was one of his specialties, and he was a master at his craft.

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