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The Garden of Eden, perched above the Bull and Whistle, is Key West’s only clothing-optional bar. How much flesh will you see at this rooftop bar, bordered by tropical plants and sheltered from prying eyes below? Depending on the day, time, and weather, you may expect to pay anything from a lot to nothing. A topless bartender (selling beverages that are somewhat more costly than elsewhere in town or even below) and a few dirty dancers are likely but come on a bright afternoon, and you’ll discover nude sunbathers resting on lounge chairs. You are not required to be naked here, and body paint is a fantastic way to be brave without revealing too much, but the no-photography rule is rigorously enforced. Yes, you read that correctly. Clothing is not required. 

The Garden of Eden bar tempts you at Key West. At the highest top of the Bull & Whistle is a nudist bar. You can remain dressed, but it puts you squarely in the category of a voyeur. Please refrain from taking photographs. The Key West Garden Of Eden serves all the typical beverages one would expect to find in a Key West bar. Cocktails, wine, beers, and spirits are plentiful, just what you expect from a night out in Key West. Prices are roughly average for the region but keep looking for happy hours, coupons, and promotional evenings to stretch your bucks a little further. They don’t sell food, but they provide a list of all the local Key West restaurants and delivery services. On the nights when everything is going on, the bartenders are entertaining and attentive but also focused and competent. 

As previously stated, they will jump on you if you pull out your phone in the Key West Garden of Eden, and they are also intent on making nude people wear a towel when sitting on the chairs. And that, my buddy, is not too much to expect after they’ve worked up a sweaty bum crack from jiggling up and down for a couple of hours. Be aware that if you visit in the afternoon, you will most likely be served twice as quickly, but you will find yourself alone next to two elderly nude gentlemen having an afternoon drink. If you want the drinks to flow and the pleasure to be at their peak, go there after 11:00 p.m. and on weekends, as you would anticipate.

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