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The Green Parrot is a lively corner bar that is a must-stop on the route to or from the Hemingway house. Locals and tourists alike frequent this location. The Green Parrot was once a wartime food store that subsequently began offering alcohol to residents. However, Green Parrot is now known as one of Key West‘s most renowned bars. The green parrot bar serves some of the strongest beverages, live music, a calm atmosphere, and a place to meet new friends and travelers worldwide. 

Green Parrot offers various sizes of well-known alcoholic drinks, liquor, and wine. You may enjoy the jukebox, ukulele club, and other live musical performances by local and worldwide brands and artists because Green Parrot is well-known for its musical events. Almost every evening, Green Parrot has a musical event. This bar is open every day of the week. You may also buy gifts for your friends and family, such as original Green Parrot T-shirts, Hoodies, bandanas, Jewellery, stickers, magnets, etc. The Green Parrot Bar is located at 609 South 3rd Old Town Street in Key West. Green Parrot is the place to go if you want to listen to some of the biggest classics performed by excellent performers while drinking a nice beer. 

This unique tavern has undergone various transformations over the years but has remained a Key West favorite for fantastic music and camaraderie. The walls are covered with signage, souvenirs, and other items, most of which have an intriguing tale or history. This tavern is open seven days a week, and features live music virtually every day, ranging from country bands to brass punk rock. The Green Parrot is a real Key West landmark and the ideal location to unwind with friends and be yourself. Every night, fantastic music, unique cocktails, and groups of local regulars mingle with Key West tourists to create an atmosphere of escapades, excitement, and sheer fun. The authentic Key West attitude of the Green Parrot never changes and embraces everyone with open arms, from hurricane parties to divorce celebrations to pet birthdays. So, this is one of the best bars Key West has to offer.

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