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This Valley Junction beer hall has communal seating, large TVs, board games, a fantastic terrace, and 54 beers on tap. They also have four distinct cuisines: German fare, burgers, pub fare, and pizza. Allow the excellent beer (and the good fun) to flow! This is the Peace Tree Blonde Fatale. The Hall is where you may see old friends and create new ones. Where the tables are long, and the talks are even longer. The Kitchen DSM is a cocktail bar and restaurant that serves fresh meals. Where a rebuilt train building serves as both a site and a focal point of discourse. Music is played, games are played, communities connect—and everyone is welcome. Went in on a beautiful Saturday for lunch. We were looking for a patio. 

The patio faces North, and they have shades up, so there wasn’t a lot of sun, but lovely nonetheless. This is where you come in, sit down and order on the app. You can order at the bar, and they have tablets you can order from. Then when your food is ready, you grab it. The staff was friendly and polite. The bartenders were helpful and will make suggestions. You can try samples as well. They have around 70 items on tap—several ciders, which is essential to me. I tried cherry fandango; it was so good. There were four food trucks there. My husband ordered a Porker pizza from 515Pi, and I got a chicken sandwich and onion rings from FoodWorks. The onion rings were phenomenal. If you’re ready to get out but concerned about social interaction, this is an excellent place to go—there is limited interaction with staff. 

We were there for almost two hours, and no one sat in the dining room; everyone was on the patio. Masks were not required for staff or guests.The bathrooms were clean and had real paper towels. Parking is mainly on the Southside of the building. It’s a noisy environment if the inside is complete. Stop in and enjoy a brew; they’ll have something that you like. Download the app before you go and enjoy. A great place to come hang out, grab a drink, and order some food! We had a small group check it out on a Friday night, and it was maybe half full. There was live music and projector TVs playing football.

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