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The Harp San Diego, Guide & Review

The Harp is an easygoing Irish sports bar offering classic pub fare. A hundred thousand welcomes to The Harp Irish Pub and Restaurant in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Great location on Newport in Ocean Beach. 

The Harp pub features awesome craft beer on tap -great selection of Irish Whiskey, large dance floor, occasional live music, award winning delicious food – amazing tasty burgers, a full bar, most talented live bands in San Diego – all at no cover charge, friendly & attentive bartenders, superb management, plenty of TVs, little haven in the patio area, top-notch chef, awesome owners, great friendly & welcoming people, great specials on drinks, warm friendly atmosphere, dog-friendly patio, and all sports you can handle. Ultimately they’ve everything for everyone! Their casual, traditional setup makes anyone and everyone feel welcomed – even your furry friends can snag a seat on the spacious outdoor patio.

If you go to Ocean Beach and you don’t go to The Harp Pub you have never ever visited Ocean Beach. You have to go to The Harp pub if you happen to go to Ocean Beach. It’s highly recommended you stop in and see for yourself why The Harp Pub is a long-time Ocean Beach favorite. A great place indeed to always catch a footy match or some sun and drinks. Overall it’s just a fantastic experience at The Harp Irish Pub. Best place ever and it’s highly recommended checking it out! The Harp Irish Pub is definitely a place to make your home. Stouts, sports and savory delights await you at The Harp, a classic Irish pub in the heart of Ocean Beach.

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