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Jackalope is a dive bar where you can enjoy giant jackalope sculptures and other quirks, burgers, pizza, music, and happy hour. This bar was founded in 1878. Borders closed,  mischievous legendary Jackalope uses human barks to lure cowboys out of campfires. Tired of stealing whiskey, settling on 6th Avenue, hiding their stuff, and making friends, I decided to. As they say, the rest is history. Despite being in the middle of the Austin college scene, Jackalope welcomes everyone. Near the door, a giant half-rabbit, half-antelope sculpture overlooks a laid-back bar crowded with locals and tourists. Expect a TV B movie and a new wave sound from the 80s to blow out your speakers while a tattooed bartender is pouring a gushing Jameson recording. 

The kitchen menu is solid, with the honey jalapeno bacon cheeseburger acclaimed by the locals. The drink menu is a craft cocktail like Jacka Rope Old Fashioned (getting a spicy kick from Fire & Damnation Bitter). However, mainly whiskey and beer occupy the highest position in this place, and we are willing to take responsibility. Jackalope is Austin’s most popular and famous drinking fountain, serving excellent food. Offering burgers that have always been the best in the city known for their great burgers, our culinary excellence and rich and unique Austin bar experience are recognized nationally—located in the heart of Austin’s historic district, in the middle of 6th Avenue, one of the country’s most prominent red-light districts. 

A lively neighborhood bar with craft cocktails, beer, wine, and delicious burgers. Go out on a sizable dog-friendly patio where you can play lots of games and relax. Find a seat in the bar, alcove, or pool table if you are indoors. There is good food, cheap and strong drinks. They were selected as the best pub in Austin. Well, this bar has a neighborhood-friendly downtown action. They are located in the heart of 6th Avenue, an old historical school. The grill (providing the famous burgers) and the pizza joint (baking delicious beer crust pizza in an open-fire oven) are open 24/7 from 11 am to late at night. So, this is one of the best bars in Austin.

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