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The Keefer Bar is an easygoing bar with a patio & mini-golf spotlighting classic & creative cocktails, plus Asian plates. The Keefer Bar is an Apothecary themed cocktail bar located in the heart of Chinatown, Vancouver. The bar has been noticed as #25 in North America’s Best Bars, offering over 25 unique cocktails in a dark, moody atmosphere to enrich guests’ experience. Keefer Bar, located in historic Chinatown, serves an extensive list of award-winning cocktails inspired by ancient remedies served in the neighborhood’s surrounding apothecaries. Never mind Vancouver bars; this was recently ranked the second-best bar in Canada, and it’s a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts of all ages. I always order an Aperol spritz or an old-fashioned one, but why not try one of their unique seasonal prescriptions’? 

The herb-infused remedies on their apothecary-themed menu will cure whatever ails you, including hangovers. If Keefer was included, they could easily be one of the best restaurants in Vancouver for their Asian-inspired small plates made with fresh ingredients from local markets. Consider the Peking duck sliders and the crispy Shanghai pork belly. With an affordable happy hour, it’s easy to see why this Chinatown hangout is one of the most highly regarded bars in North America. The Keefer Bar, along with Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie, was one of the first outposts to revitalize this once-dreary Chinatown street. The dark space comes alive in the late evening, when hipsters crowd the bar, migrate to the back (just past a sign that says “Rubber Goods: Sick Room Supplies”), or choose a spot on the outside patio. 

There are two types of people who end up at the Keefer: those who enjoy the tense atmosphere, live music, and medicinally themed cocktails, and those who enjoy the edgy ambiance, live music, and medicinally themed cocktails—but have already put their names on the waitlist at Bao Bei, a few doors down. The Keefer takes on an apothecary theme, riffing on the area’s historic Chinese pharmacies (many of which are still in operation). The “List of Remedies and Cures” drink menu includes strawberry and rhubarb tea, glehnia root, and tinctures made from cardamon, magnolia bark, and red ginseng. The Keefer is equally serious about food, and some of the small plates would put Bao Bei to shame. The BLT Bao (pork belly with oven-cured tomato and Napa slaw) and the pulled pork and Peking duck tacos are winners. The place is bustling on weekends, but the staff is never stressed.

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