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The Kezar Pub San Francisco, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing sports bar in San Francisco? The Kezar Pub is the place to be. The Kezar Pub is San Francisco’s most well-known sports bar located directly across the street from Kezar stadium. The Kezar Pub shows just about every sporting event imaginable, from European rugby to international tennis matches. 

The Kezar Pub is where fans cheer all kinds of sports on flat-screens throughout this spot serving pub grub and beer on tap. This bustling sports bar boasts 20 flat-screen TVs showing both local and international games, as they’re home to San Francisco’s Liverpool FC Supporters club. The pub food menu is unbeatable, and the Irish Nachos are especially popular. Wings and watching four uninterrupted hours of football or basketball go together like Bert and Ernie or early hip hop and the ’85 Bears, and the wings at Kezar in Cole Valley are excellent. This is a great bar to watch soccer, but they show pretty much everything, so it’s also a good place to catch whatever team or sport you’ve cheered for since before you knew why you’re cheering. There’s a large variety of rotating beers on tap and a menu filled with elevated sports bar fare: homemade potato chips with ranch dressing, world famous spicy Buffalo wings and a chicken club sandwich loaded with Swiss, bacon, avocado, and lettuce. 

The Kezar Pub features good service; friendly & attentive staff, very tasty Irish breakfast, awesome selection of beers, great atmosphere; good delicious food; great vibes; plenty of comfy seatings; fun-filled crowd; stylish decor; state-of-art lighting & sound system; and tons of TVs to watch the games. Overall it’s the best place for sports events. Highly recommended for an amazing and unforgettable time in San Francisco as a sports lover.

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