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The Lexington Bar Detroit , Guide & Review

The Lexington bar is truly one of its kind here in Detroit. The passion and drive of two individuals made this possible. Lexington offers many different types of drinks and spirits, making it unique. The story of this bar is also extraordinary. One of the owners already had a bar; hence when he opened this one up, he did it a little differently, which is why it’s a big success. You should know that you are in capable hands when walking into the Lexington bar. The owners treat anyone who walks in that door like family and ensures that you feel accommodated. This is also reflected in their drinks and food.
Diversity is one of the critical features of this bar, and there are different kinds of beer, cider, and seltzer barrels, so you can choose from a wide variety of drinks. The bar has twenty taps for you to try out as well. Moreover, without classic craft cocktails, a bar cannot be complete; hence, this bar offers you craft cocktails with different themes. These themes are musical and depend on the staff, and they get to choose them. Therefore, you will bond with your bartender quite well when he makes your drink, with further makes the experience much better. This bar also offers something else, which is quite rare for bars in Detroit. The Lexington has a line of merchandise, including various funky shirts you can buy as a souvenir or gift. The bar is open from Thursday till Saturday; hence, on the weekend, you should make reservations before going.
There are different cocktails, all of which are priced at $12. We recommend you try Hang Wire which is made up of Vodka, vanilla, rosemary, and pear. We have already discussed the bar’s draft beer, cider, and seltzer variations.

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