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The Light of Seven Matchsticks is a 1920s-themed subterranean speakeasy inspired by Wes Anderson that serves handmade drinks and small appetizers. What we like about it: The Light of Seven Matchsticks has the atmosphere of a bygone period. This speakeasy takes it to a new level, from the luxurious velvet décor to the hidden menu you must locate before ordering. What to get at this bar: Nor in my circus, not with my monkeys. Yes, it is the actual name of the drink! It contains Overproof Rum, Smith & Cross, lemon, cinnamon, and demerara sugar. In Great Mythologies, the Heroes’ adventures begin with a summons to experience, and they must leave their usual surroundings. Dr. Joseph Campbell describes this other realm as a Kingdom Underground, a Profound Dream State. 

Tonight, they want you to run away with them, escape the commonplace, defy convention, leave your inhibitions at the door, and explore that other realm by the Light of Seven Matchsticks. “Cocktail for a Cause” is available. Among them are tequila, lychee, Blue Curacao, citrus, and spice. To promote reproductive choice, $3 from each drink sold is contributed to Planned Parenthood. They hold an Industry Night regularly. Every Sunday, if you’re in the business, which includes artists, you receive free popcorn all night, 10% off, and $2 snaquiris. Standup From the Waist Up has returned! You are cordially welcomed to The Light of Seven Matchsticks for an exclusive drink and comedy event! Host Travis Hoewischer and his guests Mary Santora and Pat Deering sling drinks and quips from behind the bar. 

If you’d like to throw a party with a group of close friends, don’t hesitate to contact The Light of the Seven Matchsticks tucked away behind Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza, and Live Music invites you to journey back in time. With luxurious velvet seats, a traditional bar, and warm lighting, you can practically hear Prohibition-era Columbus, the rich history of the site, and the individuals who have gone before you. The house drink menu invites you into the intriguing and burgeoning world of craft cocktails, blended and shaken with quality house-made ingredients and an adventurous attitude. The cuisine selection pays homage to heritage while pushing the boundaries of the palate, and it is sure to please. This bar has its own set of regulations. Come with those you like spending time with! (There is no cell phone service.) Please leave your children at home, as much as adorable they are. 

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