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The Living Room is the perfect fancy bar. Place your smartphone in your pocket. As you enter the vast lobby, resist the impulse to Instagram. Remember, you’re too cool for that. That brass bar over there is stunning and shiny, and the bartenders’ white dinner coats are a great touch. Yes, that person over there may be a celebrity (or at least someone whose skin care regimen could belong to one.) And, yeah, we know you’re going to pull out your phone and take a few pictures while we’re not looking. It’s all right. Everyone finally does. The furnishings are too lovely, and the beverages are too well-dressed. It’s unusual for a hotel bar in Charleston to become a popular hangout for locals, but that’s precisely what happened here. 

It truly is the ideal post-event meet-up area (and there are many events in Charleston, in case you were wondering) and a place for hotel guests to begin or finish the evening. Classic cocktails and imaginative originals are offered, as are award-winning, boozy, and unabashedly elegant drinks. There are bespoke ice cubes on occasion, negroni riffs served from coconuts on silver trays, and brandy snifters filled with rare, top-shelf whiskeys. Because everything is a little pricey, especially the wine, cocktails should be the go-to option. Only get a beer if you’re in the mood for one. Snacks and small plates complement the aesthetic and vibe of this bar perfectly, although they are costly ($9 for marinated olives). 

Caramel popcorn is complimentary, but if you’re looking for more than oysters, olives, and the like, head to the hotel’s restaurant Henrietta’s. The bartenders are old school, competent, well-trained, silent, and acutely aware of any VIPs in the room without making a fuss about them. In The Living Room, it’s just another night. The Living Place is available for any business conference close to five o’clock, pre-game or post-game downtown wedding, date night, fancy time, or a well-made beverage in a lovely room. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend this bar!

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