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The Long Island Bar New York, Guide & Review

Are you in New York?  The Long Island Bar a dine-in spot is the place to be! The Long Island Bar & Restaurant has been in operation for over 50 years. The Long Island Bar is so good, that you’d almost expect the staff to be jerks, but they have been consistently pleasant and professional for years – and you don’t have to be a regular to get that kind of service. The Long Island Bar is located along the Atlantic in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn just a few steps from Brooklyn Bridge Park, it sits on a corner with very noticeable neon signs. The menu sports a shortlist of slightly twisted classics—a martini made with junmai daiginjo sake, a gimlet with ginger-lime cordial, and a frozen Cosmopolitan. Pick one off the menu or list a mix of flavors you like; you’ll end up happy either way.

The Long Island Bar features stunning and spacious cozy and warm indoor and outdoor sitting areas, food options are all wonderful selections, the drinks are all great and reasonably priced, huge flat-screen TV to watch your favorite sport, great entertaining music, beautiful ambiance, amazing fried curds, state of the art sound, and lighting system, great vibe making this place so great and fun-filled.

The whole martinis and burgers idea is the vibe and you really can’t go wrong. They have traditional martinis along with a special martini on their cocktail menu. Their fried cheese curds are amazing – it’s like tempura fried with French onion dipping sauce. The burgers come with thin patties cooked medium with super crispy fries. It’s a perfect burger to enjoy with a martini. The lights over the booths in this deco establishment are intimate and old-timey, like the decades-old bar itself.

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