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Mattison’s Forty-One Restaurant Bar Sarasota, Guide & Review

The Mable is edgy and funky from the inside, even though you will never be able to guess that if you pass it by. On the outside, it just spells out PUB, which means you’re at the right place in the strip mall. The place is vintage and old school with a twist to it. You have sofas, exciting patterns, wooden furniture, red curtains, and patterned wallpapers. There are paintings of people hanging around on one wall. The art style is fascinating. There is a very ghostly-looking head of a horse with a horn like that of a unicorn which looks super creepy. There is an antique-looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There are tables with stools all around the place. 

Located beside Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD), the customers are a lot of students or professors from here. So many artists, exciting people, and conversations can be found here. Every Tuesday, there’s an open mic at 10 pm, Wednesday team trivia at 7 pm, every other Friday, there’s compass rose at 9 pm, and Saturdays are for live music at 9 pm. They promise that the place will always stay the way it is and you won’t have to dress up. 

There is a fantastic selection of local beers(around 30) and microbrews. Weekly there is a schedule of what drinks come in. There’s also a kitchen that now offers you small bites and even vegan menu options. 

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