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The Menagerie Bar Irvine, Guide & Review

The Menagerie opened on February 14, 1983, which just so happens to be Valentine’s day. The cozy neighborhood offered nothing more than overstuffed couches and chairs, a pool table, and a small wine and beer bar. Nevertheless, it quickly became a place and functioned as a cornerstone of the LGBT community. As the AIDS crisis affected many in the community, it was the only place where friends could meet to offer support and encouragement and build lasting friendships. And it ended up being exactly what Madeline intended it to be – an environment where you can be yourself without prejudice or judgment.

Wanting to liven up the dull decor, Madeline decided to order a bright neon sign for the bar. But when the sign arrived, it didn’t work quite right, so she ordered it again, but it had one tiny problem: it was misspelled. So be sure and look out for The Menagerie’s iconic ‘FABULAUS’ sign when you visit.

The Menagerie was actually one of the first clubs to feature 80s-themed nights – music videos and cheap draft beers made Theydnesdays one of the most coolest and popular nights in downtown Riverside. And karaoke has been true mainnstay at very Monday night for over 20 years.


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