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The Milk Thistle Bar Bristol, Guide & Review

People love many bars in Bristol for their homely and welcoming interior. The role of the interior is very important when it comes to deciding on a bar to visit. Bristol has many bars whose interiors attract many people to visit them. One of these bars with a welcoming and lovely interior is The Milk Thistle. Once you go to this bar, you can rest assured that you will have a good time and will not be able to forget for long.


Your eating or drinking experience is highly influenced by where you do it. This bar is different from other bars in terms of its interior since it is home-like. The bar counter is a huge wooden table adorned with numerous bottles. Next to this counter, there is a beautiful wooden table that contains some fancy bottles. The walls have elaborate wooden work that looks attractive and lavish. The windows are tinted, and the lamps are gorgeous. Beautiful decoration pieces like candle holders, paintings, wall hangings, etc., are placed there. These candles in these candle holders are lit so is the chandelier. These lights make the brown-colored bar with all that woodwork dimly lit but so beautiful that you want to sit and relax there. The seating arrangement has luxurious couches and comfortable chairs. The comfortable seating space adds to the comfort of the homely experience that most people have at this bar.

This bar is wonderful, but the best part is that the drinks served here are some of the best that you will ever have. If you want a flavorsome combination of some drinks, you can order one of the cocktails that everyone loves. If your thirst can be quenched only by a cold glass of beer, then you are lucky because this place offers great and delectable beer. However, suppose you are someone who steps into a bar for wine or alcohol. In that case, this bar is your place because the wine and alcohol served here to make you feel happy and good about yourself. If a few drinks help you have a break from the exhaustion of daily life, then you should feel free to have them at this bar. This is an LGBTQ+-friendly bar. The ambiance is cozy, and the staff is ready to welcome you here anytime.

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