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The Moment Hotel Los Angeles, Guide & Review

The Moment Hotel is a boutique hotel located along the world-famous sunset Sunset believed, the moment Hotel features the chic flair of Hollywood, the modern style of Los Angeles, and the laid-back vibe of Southern California in one cutting-edge and minimalist package. 

Their Roof Deck lounge and a bar offers a perfect place to relax and socialize. Spanning 2,000 sq. ft. in a stylish open air setting, they serve a selection of beer and wine along with delightful small plates to tantalize the palate. The Moment Hotel is stylish, modern, and unmistakably Hollywood, their 38 chic rooms and exclusive single king suite (with private patio) are the perfect blend of form and function. 

The Moment Hotel bar is a clean room, spacious, reasonably quiet despite the location right in front of a busy street. The Moment Hotel features giant TVs, nice rooftop patio, modern decor, and ample parking. 

The Moment is a squat, two-story building made lively by the criss-crossing lines and gray, orange, and white walls. It’s eye-catching and slightly reminiscent of the Aggrocrag from Nickelodeon’s ’90s TV show “Guts.” These theme colors permeate the hotel’s common spaces — an orange reception desk sits in front of a gray wall that’s near a white cushioned bench. On the walls are black and white prints of Sunset Strip signs and other Hollywood scenes. Images of cartoonish stick figures appear throughout the hotel, either climbing the walls along an internal staircase or holding up the frame of an external staircase. Guest room doors are accented by sharp gray lines slashed across white. The geometric, colorful theme elevates the experience of the Moment, making the common spaces brighter and more welcoming, though at times the lime greens and bright oranges can overwhelm.

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