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The Old Monk Bar Dallas, Guide & Review

Go back in time to Old Monk. Founded about 20 years ago in 1998, this neighborhood bar is located in the ancient shopping district of Dallas. The bar fits well with historical trinkets and antique decorations – in fact, many ornaments are found all over the world. If you are not filling up with homemade beer and bottled beer, whiskey, wine, and hot cocktails, then try something you can eat with brunch, dinner, or dinner menu. Snacks from their cheese bowl or bite into a fried chicken with pistachio. Old Monk is known for hosting entertainment events, especially Oktoberfest, which is fast approaching – so stay tuned!

 Pull a seat at the Common Table. This friendly neighborhood provides a great place to spend time with friends and family, or even make some new people! The restaurant and bar offer delicious food, such as Korean barbecue jerky and caramel bacon popcorn, and you can wash them with over 30 beers or a signature cocktail. For those on a budget or people who find it difficult to make an informed decision when ordering, give the Pour Man menu a picture. The consistent menu, available Monday night, offers sponsors four meals and four beers, and the menu rotates each week. Go back for a beer, chat with friends, or enjoy live music, which is played several times a week and on weekends.

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