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The Ould Sod San Diego, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for a quiet place, this is what you want. Nice Irish Pub. Casual Irish pub featuring imported draft beer, local craft brews and a weekly karaoke night. If the name alone doesn’t scream “Irish”, we don’t know what else will. It’s just the kind of place that feels like home as soon as you walk in the door. The addition of a back bar area really opens the place up from its 1970s style dive bar schematic to incorporate more types of activities that bar customers expect these days. 

The spot has been serving Irish beer and whiskey since 1989 and has captured the essence of a true Irish pub. The Ould Sod – great local hangout features a great atmosphere, friendly people – everyone is super hospitable, laid-back vibe, reasonable prices, great music & live music – if Irish music is more to your liking, visit between 7pm and 11pm on Tuesday nights for a traditional Irish jam session, a solid selection of booze, great outdoor selection, amazingly great owners & bartenders, and karaoke nights. Here the walls are adorned with Irish language. 

It’s time to experience this karaoke hotspot in a whole new light (and the most Irish way we know how). With the name meaning ” one’s native country”, you’ll feel right at home among the communal-feel bar and comfortable outdoor patio complete with friendly games of ping pong and football.  Excellent local bars! It’s hands down has the best Guinness in San Diego. Indeed it’s the best spot in San Diego.

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