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Palms is a less hidden gem in the middle of downtown Los Gatos. To find it,  walk through the boutiques and restaurants on High Street until you glimpse the stately Victorian Queen Anne of 1891, with its spacious courtyard and magnificent porch. This place shines when the dining table spreads across the lawn to spend the night outdoors under the sparkling light of a summer night. In a Pacific Limin-inspired restaurant, you’ll find tropical drinks named after the two characters stuck at the Gilligan Island show of the 1960s, including Forget Mary Ann, Where’s Ginger, Brett Bourbon, Ginger, and citrus cocktails. Please try it. Celebrating the Pacific Rim culinary tradition, The Palms Restaurant enjoys dining in various Pacific Rim creative cuisine, where diverse ethnic cultures meet local freshness. Palms offers premium cut meat, and fresh fish is airlifted from the area around the Pacific Rim. The produce is locally sourced from a nearby farm and provides a refreshing taste from the farm to the table. Experience unique dishes such as stir-fried chili sea bass and stir-fried vegetables, udon noodles, and miso ginger soup. At  Palms, we prioritize delighting our guests with deliciously presented appetizers and excellent customer service, and guests will want to visit again and again. The Palms Restaurant also offers classic homemade cocktails and a wide selection of boutique and local wines. They take reservations at this bar. So, if you need to book a table or a spot then feel free to do so. They also offer delivery services and takeout services. Therefore, if you have a favorite meal and drink you want from The Palms, you can easily order for the comfort of your home. Masks are required to get entry to this venue because of the covid pandemic. The staff wears masks for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons.

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