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If you want to relax and enjoy a drink to wind down, the Parlor in Jacksonville is just the place. Creatively hidden behind a sliding bookcase in historic San Marco’s Grape & Grain Exchange, this speakeasy bar welcomes guests with homey vibes and soft jazz. Their menu focuses on a “garden to glass” concept and relies on locally sourced ingredients to make their signature and seasonal cocktails. The Parlor is open from 5 pm until 2 am but is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Pro tip: If you want to enter the Parlor through their alternate side door entrance, you will need to know the password or pay a fee! The password changes daily, so check their Facebook for the latest one before you go. Are you seeking one of Jacksonville‘s best-kept secrets? If so, go to the Parlour, if you can locate it! 

It was previously necessary to know! You must first visit Grape & Grain in the San Marco district and then venture behind the sliding bookshelves to locate this handmade drink speakeasy! OR enter from the alley; search for the black awning! This speakeasy collaborates with local farmers from the surrounding region to provide exceptional beverages with live music in a dark and classy setting. The days of entering the Parlour with a password are long gone, and it is now accessible to anybody who dares to enter. 

If you are looking for a stylish and exciting night out, The Parlour is one of the top bars in Jacksonville! Ideal for eating in the region. What could be more appealing than a hidden treasure that only a select few can discover, much alone get on the list to enter? Although not as difficult to join as a conventional speakeasy, The Parlour has enough mystery to keep the interested visiting. The Parlour, located in the center of ancient San Marco, is known for its handcrafted drinks and live music. There is a side entry into the lounge, or if you prefer the stealthy path, enter through the Grape and Grain Exchange’s underground corridor (nope, not telling where). Have fun!

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