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The Patterson House Bar Nashville, Guide & Review

With limited seats and reservations, the Patterson House offers you luxury and class in one place. With commendable customer service that everyone raves about, this place also has various choices on its menu. The intimate and comfortable experience is curated for the guests to enjoy classic and modern cocktails. Using the highest quality ingredients, they also offer you a small variety of savory and sweet dishes to share with your friends. 

You can either get a table or sit around the bar and watch the mixologists do their magic by mixing up some potions for you. From a mix of the old world to a more contemporary drink, their drinks are one of the most well-made ones in Nashville. The staff knows what they are doing. Each glass is mixed to perfection with skill. The house rule is not to text while you’re here, no standing, and you only get served if you are sitting. The rules keep the place accessible and fun without any distractions. 

 The chandeliers and velvet accents mesmerize you while you get lost in the conversation going on around you. Opened up by one of the most prominent restaurant groups in the city, it is creative with a subtle hint of sexy. As you go through the curtains that separate the waiting area from the sitting, the anticipation builds up, and you step into the luxurious sitting space. You must try out their in-house syrups or bitters, which speak for themselves. The quality is impeccable. Seasonal cocktails are introduced every few months for you to get a taste of warmth in winters and freshness in spring. You might have to empty your wallet, but it’s all 

about the experience at the Patterson House. 

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