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The potted pig is a modern British cuisine with French and New York influences served in underground former bank vaults. The Potted Pig restaurant & gin lounge, located underneath the city, offers its enthusiasm for modern British food and exquisite gins through ever-changing, seasonal menus and the occasional entire suckling pig! The Potted Pig opened in 2011 and is delighted to present a broad menu of modern British food with a few French and New York grill-influenced elements. The menus are based on foods they enjoy preparing and eating rather than a single idea, so you always get a taste of what they are passionate about! They’ve built strong ties with some of the best independent and local suppliers to provide you with only the freshest seasonal flavors. 

Their wine and beverage menu has been meticulously curated to complement each dish; they provide an exceptional selection of independently produced wines and a superb selection of bottled lagers, ales, and ciders. Don’t forget to check out their enormous spirit selection, which includes an unrivaled selection of custom gin – if you’re not in the mood for food, why not stop by and sample some of Jamie’s excellent cocktails at one of their bar tables? Taking up residence in a disused bank vault under Cardiff City, you can tuck into a buffet of fresh dishes foraged from local Welsh suppliers and unwind at the bar, which offers a customized selection of Gins with every aromatic tone, infusion, and smell covered. The Potted Pig is a fantastic City Center café that serves sumptuous meals and freshly harvested vegetables. 

This restaurant has cultivated a seasonal love for foods by championing an ethos for foraged items locally acquired from Welsh sources, with the menu rotating daily based on the ingredients and vegetables procured. Their eating philosophy stems from a love of certain flavors and textures that are not just unique to the Welsh palate but also to grazers from all over the world. The Potted Pig, which has taken up residence in a disused bank vault underneath Cardiff city, is an excellent urban place with exposed industrial design innards. Brick, wood, and metal textures blend in this underground venue, giving it a clean and essential quality that nonetheless exudes warmth and comfort. In addition to a robust wine, beer, ale, and cider selection, The Potted Pig has a custom assortment of Gins embracing all kinds of notes, tones, and infusions.

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