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The Raines Law Room at The William New York, Guide & Review

If you are a sophisticated drinker, this is the place for you. One of their creations would be enough for the whole night. The Raines Law Room is an amazing cocktail bar in New York that offers a selection of seasonal additions, time-honored cocktails as well as sipping spirits, and a small assortment of beer & wine. Small plates are available for those who crave a bite. The Raines Law Room at The William accepts reservations Monday through Saturday. Walk-in guests are encouraged. We accept parties of 8 or less, due to the intimate atmosphere and limited capacity. 

The Raines Law Room exhibits delicious drinks, an awesome stylish interior, a romantic cozy, hip, and fun-filled atmosphere, friendly bartenders, creative cocktails, and high-Quality Libations.  very friendly staff, sexy, sophisticated ambiance, chic décor, perfectly crafted custom drinks, cool speakeasy venue, top-notch service, cocktail classes, and an intimate setting for cocktails!

The Raines Law Room offers an awesome venue for private events. Celebrate your next special event with The Raines Law Room. Their restored 1959 Airstream Pacer is the perfect addition to your event. The Raines Law Room brings experience to you with their fully operational Airstream cocktail bar. Ideal for weddings, private events, music festivals, and more.

Sundays are for non-intrusive service and great cocktails. Visit Raines Law Room for a one-of-a-kind experience. Absolutely impeccable service, unflappable and friendly staff, gorgeous venue, and a bartender’s wet dream of a back bar. On top of this, the 41 Carat was legitimately the most delicious stir-down cocktail I’ve ever had. Amazing! Easily one of my favorites. Cozy and intimate that’s conducive for conversations. I Absolutely hate walking into a place packed with no view or path of where to go, blocked by a wall of people. This place does everything right. Always the right amount of people in the venue and great drinks.  A true one-of-a-kind spot! The legendary place indeed!

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