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The Roger Room Los Angeles, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for a locals favorite bar that’s laid back and has some of the best cocktails in Los Angeles then your going to the right place. The Roger Room is an outstanding bar and a place where you can just hide and enjoy superb cocktails from skilled bartenders who really know what they are doing. Electric bar with vintage freak show pictures on the walls serving trendy, upscale cocktails. Establishment is tucked away in a corner and when you finally locate the door, you’re taken into one of the most underwhelming places you’ve been to in a long time. The Roger Room bar operates Monday through Friday from 7pm to 2am, Saturday from 7pm to 2am, and Sunday from 8pm to 2am. It’s a cozy place with a wide and deep collection of wines. The best part is how you select your wine. Tell the staff (who are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable) what type of wine you like, and they’ll pour you a couple of samples to taste and then pick what you want.

Electric Roger Room features an English pub atmosphere, amazingly friendly and professional bartenders who put on a show of making cocktails, an amazing vibe, nice crowd, amazing dim lighting, phenomenal tasty & strong drinks, diverse friendly & welcoming crowd, and great music. Genuinely friendly and knowledgeable staff who know and love their craft, both technically and socially. The vibe is authentic and unpretentious while still streaming like a curated atmosphere. The ambiance is romantic, dark, and cozy with a nice outdoor patio. 

Very cool bar! Just go! Some of the best cocktails you can find in Los Angeles. Overall, the most tastefully engineered cocktails and talented bartenders. Highly recommended checking out for an amazing experience.

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