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The Royal American is not your uncle’s roadside dive. Stained glass, string lights, stickers, and an Ernest Tubbs picture Check. Dive bar. But wait, a sign that says “No PBR, don’t even ask”? That’s your first hint that the Royal American isn’t your average dive bar, even if you’re not sure the latch on the restroom stall ever functioned. There’s a stage right next to the bar, a patio in front, a patio to the side, dogs, and if you’re fortunate, the train conductor might hold down the whistle as he goes by on tracks only a few feet away. Hip, local creatives occasionally bring their dogs to the bar, paint their hair blue, or discuss which CD from their favorite band is better. The stadium cup punch (bourbon, rum, or Kool-Aid green vodka) for $8, a canned lager, or a shot of the housemade cinnamon whiskey are always the best bets at the bar. 

Regulars have always appreciated the option of a loaded baked potato after a few beers. The restaurant has since constructed a new kitchen and menu, including an excellent chicken cutlet sandwich and a hobo plate (pork rinds, pimento cheese, and pickles) to satisfy those buzzing needs. However, the potato remains as excellent as it has always been. Take your meal from the kitchen window. When the band’s lead guitarist is wailing over his licks, the staff isn’t in the business of addressing your repeated queries about cocktail ingredients. 

However, when it’s calmer, they’ll gladly discuss their favorite dishes off the menu and may even introduce you to the person you’re admiring down the bar. Go here for Summer evenings when you need to escape to the patios to cool down or smoke, and the next day after the night before when you need a little of the dog’s hair and a big large chili dog. They regularly have Live Music after 11:00 p.m. This is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, you should visit this venue at least once! Go there with pals or visit the bar to make new ones!

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