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The Rum Bar is present at the Speakeasy Inn on Duval Street. It is run by Bahama Bob Leonard, a laid-back Key West legend who also happens to be one of the world’s foremost rum specialists. Classic tropical drinks, including the painkiller, mojito, and rum runner, are handcrafted with care at this in-the-know rum destination. Leonard can also expose you to hidden treasures within his huge collection of over 350 rums from the Caribbean and beyond. The Run Bar at Speakeasy Inn may be described as a Paradise on Earth for people who enjoy a rum drink. Rum bar serves traditional cocktails made with over 350 different rums from across the world. This bar also has a terrific ambiance for both locals and tourists. 

However, you may listen to good music while sipping tropical drinks like Mojitos, Daiquiris, and house-special cocktails. The Rum Bar, located at 1117 Duval Street in Key West, has unique characteristics. The railings around the balcony are one of the unusual elements in the basement that keeps rum. It’s on the second level of the Speakeasy Inn. Aside from world-class cocktail specialties, you may also enjoy inexpensive shots. Whether you visit with friends or family, you can always enjoy the ambiance that the Rum Bar offers. 

Even if you come here alone, you can always find someone to chat to or make friends with. Rum Bar’s bartenders are extremely pleasant and eager to give information about the drinks, including their history and ingredients. It is a great location to meet new people and learn more about them. The Rum Bar is a beautiful bar that serves some of the best rum and other popular liquor, so if you want to relax while sipping some of the highest quality rum, you should go there right now! The Rum Bar, located in the residence of the late Raul Vaquez, a cigar selector and rum-runner from the early 1920s, features the island’s greatest collection of rums. As you sit peacefully on the veranda observing the passers-by on Duval Street, fantastic drinks, not simply rum, await you. This laid-back place, located on the first floor of the Speakeasy Inn, is a must-see during your stay.

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