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The S.O.S. Tiki Bar is a world-class Tiki bar. The tropical atmosphere is intense here. Whether sitting on the patio or in the dining room, you’ll forget all your worries after drinking one or two potent Tiki drinks. Enjoy retro beverages and light meals in a private Tiki bar with a modern, Polynesian atmosphere in the mid-century. From palm trees and flamingos to frozen cocktails served in coconut and pineapple. S.O.S. It’s one of the town’s best spots to enjoy a Tiki drink. Authentic Cocktail Destinations-Despite its small size, the bar probably has the most impressive rum selection in Metro Atlanta.

Regarding bookings, yes, they accept bookings. Usually, you have to give your phone number when you wait, and they have a system to send you a text when your table is ready. It’s very convenient when you’re busy. The entrance is next to the Victory’s Sandwich Bar building, and it’s a little hard to find a parking lot near the restaurant. Therefore, you must park on Sycamore Street and pay about $ 5 in 2 hours. The parking lot is about 0.1 km away. The food is perfect. Try lobster crab salad, spice brisket, and chicken teriyaki bao. Bao is small, but there are plenty of meat and vegetable side dishes. Try M.F.C. nuggets, Longaniza skewers, and shepherd’s pie croquettes. The croquette is not on the menu, so you need to ask the server for the croquette. Longaniza skewers are very delicious!

The sauce on top made the dish even better. Drinks are delicious when it comes to this bar. Try Black Magic, Zombie, Fool’s Gold, and  Fogcutter. They are all exciting and have a unique taste. Service at S.O.S. is very friendly. The bars and bartenders are very nice and attentive. Bars are often overwhelmed by ordering drinks, but bartenders take great care of you.  Suppose you go on a Saturday night around 8 pm and in the frosty weather of January. They will have a lot of heated seats outside. So, if you hate the cold weather, you might have to wait a few minutes to sit at the bar.

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