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The Savannah Taphouse Bar , Guide & Review

The Savannah Taphouse is housed in a restored building, formerly known as the Avon Theater. They offer their character establishment and history, combined with an excellent selection of beer and delicious food. It is a pleasure to be recognized as one of the city’s leading new institutions. Their superior location ensures that you should get a unique dining experience. Enjoy the best of Savannah, GA, with delicious menu items that delight your taste. Whether you choose from over 100 bottles of alcoholic beverages, 40 taps, or prize-winning prizes, you can find something you like at Savannah Taphouse. Their menu highlights a good selection of prize-winning sandwiches made from scratch, delicious burgers, and sliced ​​art salads.

They are delighted to be considered one of the newest restaurants in the city of Savannah, offering a state-of-the-art sports bar. Their menu includes a good selection of award-winning sandwiches made from scratch, delicious burgers, and sliced ​​art salads. They provide unique service and high-quality food in the heart of Savannah.

In general, the terms “upscale” and “sports bar” may not be in the same sentence – but with Savannah Taphouse, it really works. Built in the old Avon Theater, the movie-style tent at the door makes you feel like you are expecting a treat before you walk in the door, with the best TVs everywhere broadcasting all the games, so ‘I will never miss a game. You can choose from over 100 beer bottles, 40 taps, and a variety of sandwiches and burgers. There is even a fried Mac & Cheese burger offered at Texas toast that will change your life.

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