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The Spot Sports Grill & Bar Houston, Guide & Review

If you are up for some American food with a Latin flare there is only one place you should visit in Houston, TX. Fill your stomach with fresh, flavorful, and authentic cuisine. That’s Spot Sports Grill. Adfanie Smith Gray and Aaron Gray, owners of the iconic Emancipation Avenue neighborhood bar. New Spot! Much more modern, and larger, and the outdoor patio is a plus!

The Spot is expanding its brand in a big way with a new shopping center development in East Downtown Houston, and a second Lounge and Bar location. The Spot is a quintessential sports bar where professionals get unprofessional. They pride themselves on being a place for “The Culture”. The Spot Sports Grill & Bar features a variety of drinks that are reasonably priced, big TVs, and the best drink specials in Texas. This is one place where you can come have a drink or two and no one will be rude or invade your space. Chico is a great soul and down-to-earth.

Somebody a good place to enjoy yourself. The Spot Sports Grill & Bar features extremely nice workers, good service because the staff is very attentive, a ton of great options on their menu, a friendly & welcoming owner, great wings, good ambiance, a cool atmosphere, good food, very diverse crowds, nice vibes, comfortable seatings, and great music. It’s a very lively place. Especially if you enjoy football. Definitely lives by its name and it’s a highly recommended place to stop in!. The place is good to chill and have Fun! Fun! Fun! Come and enjoy yourself!

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