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The Spotted Owl Bar Cleveland, Guide & Review


Giving off a cozy vibe, The Spotted Owl is located on the corner of Jefferson Avenue in the Tremont neighborhood. The interior is designed with exposed bricks, a dark wooden accent, and stained glass art behind the bar. The decor and the ambiance of the place give it a Harry Potter-type vibe, not just because of that but also because of the magical cocktails they make. The menu of The Spotted Owl follows a French restaurant style.

The bartenders are known for their art of making cocktails such as the ‘Christmapolitan’ and the ‘Bad Santa,’ which are made up of dry vermouth, vodka, gin, and rum, along with a few more ingredients. They also have a selection of beers paired with shots like the ‘Failure Beer’ and the ‘Low-Hanging Fruit. If you’re having trouble deciding on a drink, they also feature the cocktail wheel experience, where you define your mood and select the flavors you like, and the bartender will make you a drink based on that. They also serve white, rose, red, and sparkling wine if you’re in the mood for that. You can also pair your drinks with one of their snacks, such as the ‘Hummus and Pickles’ or the ‘Smoked Fish Dip,’ which consists of smoked white fish salad served with soda crackers.

The outdoor patio section known as the ‘Twin Palms’ offers you refreshing drinks and snacks in the open air that adds a breath of fresh air to your mood.

 The dark, intimate atmosphere of The Spotted Owl, along with the exotic drink combinations of the bartenders, will undoubtedly leave you hanging for more.

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