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Long Beach

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The Stave Bar Long Beach, Guide & Review


Suppose you’re looking for a place to unwind after work or enjoy the silence for a while; come by to The Stave Bar. The place has a chill and relaxed vibe, feeling like a small town bar. The place has a modern look with the way it is built, and the leather couches and stools add a different style to it. The whole place has a dim, yellow-golden kind of lighting and decor that perfectly matches it. When you need a break from the city noise and traffic, hop in and let all the tension disappear.
The place serves only drinks, but you can order food from a nearby pizzeria with which they collaborated. The drinks here are impressive, offering signature cocktails like ‘Cadillac Margarita,’ ‘Gibson,’ ‘Lemon Drop,’ ‘White Russian,’ and many more that you can get below $15. If you prefer bourbon and whiskey, then they offer over 20 different types. The good news isn’t just for the whiskey lovers; they have scotch, vodka, and gin, so there is no need to worry. If you want to grab a nice chilled beer and chat with your friends, you can select from their canned and bottled section and the draft. If you’re in the mood for some wine today, choose from the red, white, rose, and sparkling section.
The Stave Bar is well known amongst the locals for a friendly and laid-back time, so drop by whenever you feel the work or the city is getting to you and have a nice break.

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