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This casual, comfortable jumble of antique sofas and classic Florida decor might have been a Golden Girls set. So it’s no surprise that drinking at the Sylvester feels like you’re at a friend’s house with outstanding mixology skills and a taste for tropical decor. As an example, don’t spill anything on the furniture. Instead, pass the time by playing pool, playing pinball, or dancing if it’s late enough. Ben Potts of Beaker & Grey created this new Midtown idea, formerly known as Boombox (and Bardot). Like that famed Wynwood establishment, Sylvester will specialise in outstanding cocktails with a side of coffee. The decor has a retro Miami feel about it. In addition to cocktails, the restaurant offers a selection of shareable appetisers such as BBQ marquis with spicy parmesan cheese dip, smoked fish dip, and many more. A pool table, pinball, and foosball will be available to pass the time. They accept credit cards as a payment method. The Sylvester takes reservations as well. So, if you wish to book a table or a spot, feel free to contact the venue page. We can describe this bar as a classy bar. It has a moderate noise level. However, Patrons are allowed entry with casual dress attire as well. We recommend this bar as it is great for groups. They have a couple of pool tables available at the scene. They add to the entertainment experience at this nightclub. The Sylvester has street parking and a private parking lot for its patrons. So, if you visit this bar you will not have to worry about trying to find a parking spot. They provide free Wi-Fi inside the premises. The Sylvester has happy hour specials with its full bar services. Remember, you are not allowed to smoke inside the bar. All individuals who wish to smoke have to step outside to smoke.

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