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The Usual aims to bring a modern twist to the classics. So, it serves innovative and fresh cocktails. It is a bar where mixologists pour Prohibition-era cocktails from top-shelf ingredients at this stylish bar. The bar offers discounted “happy hour” drinks every day of the week. The bartenders have years of experience, and the menu highlights these skills by building flexibility within the drinks menu – like the seasonal daiquiri, which shifts every few months. The signature cocktails are diverse! For a gin drink, try the “Rose on Rose on Rose” made with gin, rose liqueur, and rosemary, and for a bourbon-based beverage, try the “Vieux Carre” mixed with rye, cognac, vermouth, and bitters. The bar also serves beer, cider, and seltzer. At this Southside tavern, the phrase “I’ll have the usual” come to life. 

The Usual, one of North Texas’ first artisan cocktail bars, puts a contemporary spin on traditional drinks such as the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with lavender and Rose on Rose on Rose with a splash of rosemary. Its soft lighting and candles create an intimate atmosphere ideal for a dating night. At their happy hour, which is offered every night of the week, try one of their distinctive beverages and a charcuterie board! The Usual, one of the city’s first upmarket cocktail bars, opened on Magnolia Avenue in 2009, kicking off the craft cocktail trend in North Texas. (This is not an exaggeration.) While much has changed at The Usual, the elegant cocktail lounge remains. It features a contemporary atmosphere and professional bartenders with a plethora of expertise. 

Furthermore, their showmanship is excellent. The Rose on Rose on Rose, made with Old Tom Gin, rose liqueur, Aperol, and rosemary, is a fun and creative cocktail. It was founded in 2009. The Usual brought craft cocktails to north texas. Their focus is on unique spirits, fresh ingredients, and blending classic and modern techniques to provide an inviting and inclusive atmosphere for the community. Hopefully, they will enjoy some delicious cocktails along the way! So, this is one of the best bars that Fort Worth has to offer! If you are a city resident or visiting the city, we highly recommend that you go to this venue at least once! Go with your family, friends or loved ones.

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