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San Jose

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Find the way to Vesper for a bit of a whimsical feeling. You can find a casual chandelier with a small lampshade hanging from the ceiling above each light bulb and a jumble of upholstered furnishings. You can also see the funky art decorating the walls with a large canvas and bold colors and the dummies on the balcony on the second floor. The sweet and creamy Ainsley Fix is ​​a fan favorite. So, the cocktail combines bourbon and citrus, pineapple, and pay show, with rose water splits and a fluffy egg white foam. The foam is covered with a pinch of dried rose petals. This venue offers delivery services and takeout services as well. So, if you have a favorite meal and drink from The Vesper, you can takeout or just order! Masks are compulsory to visit this bar because of the covid pandemic. The staff wears masks for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons. The food menu at The Vesper has vegan options as well. If you are vegan and are looking for a bar to visit, then this place has many vegetarian options for you. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. There is outdoor seating available at the venue. So, if you need to step out with your drink or food, then feel free to do so! We can describe the vibe of this bar as Hipster, Trendy, Classy and Casual. You can expect a moderate noise level at this bar. You are free to dress casually to visit this venue. It is a great place for groups to visit and have fun. So, you can visit The Vesper late at night as well. It is a great place for dinner. They have street parking and private lot parking at the scene. So, when you visit the bar you would not have to worry about trying to find a place to park. 

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