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The View Lounge San Francisco, Guide & Review

The View Lounge is located on the 39th floor of the Marriott hotel with a nice view of San Francisco Bay. The spot has two distinct seating areas that have different views of the city as well as sprawling bars to mix and mingle. 

The View Lounge features spectacular views, top notch bartenders, classic delicious cocktails, plenty of comfy seatings, good service, excellent view, nice relaxed atmosphere, good tasty & strong drinks, nice decor, friendly & welcoming crowd, great ambiance, delicious appetizers, and good entertaining vibe. Lovely spot for taking in the city panorama and night lights. 

The View Lounge has lots of room for a large group as well as if you’re looking for some privacy. 

Highly recommended for a memorable time. They really want you to have the nicest experience.

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