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The Volstead is ranked first on our list of the top bars in Jacksonville, with good reason. This speakeasy-style tavern in downtown Jacksonville delivers Gatsby-style charm and handcrafted drinks. Finding The Volstead, hidden away and disguised as a post office mere blocks from the St. Johns River, is simply the first step in your trip. Happy Hour is from 4 to 7 p.m., and their beverage menu includes beer, wine, spirits, and inventive custom cocktails. The drinks are the true stars of the show here. The Volstead delivers familiar classics as well as adventurous cocktail combos. 

If you want to learn how to manufacture your own, they even provide a seminar! The Volstead is a speakeasy-style downtown Jacksonville bar that serves specialty drinks. The Volstead is a prohibition club that serves some of the greatest beverages in a comfortable setting. You could walk right by since the window advertises the Jacksonville Post. Come to Swing Dance on Sundays at 7 p.m. for free instruction, refreshments, and a great evening! OR live music performances. Their Bear Necessities, Flip Flop Rock, Garden Variety, and Why not Me are among the trademark cocktails available for $12. During Happy Hour, they have $7 drinks, wine, and beers, such as Cigar City from Tampa! This is one of the greatest bars to go to after dinner if you want to continue the evening in style. 

The Volstead brings back the art of artisan cocktails while paying honor to Jacksonville’s history in the prohibition era. As you go in, you’re welcome to make yourself at home in the classic living area, which has a television and comfortable couches. After passing through the velvet curtain, you’ll be met by black-and-white movies projected larger-than-life on the walls. Once you’ve completed your voyage back in time, you’ll be treated to a wide variety of traditional and unique drinks served by personnel dressed in 1920s attire. The Volstead, for all its flair, is nonetheless relatively relaxed. Do you want to add some throwback flair to your date night attire? Cool. Do you want to relax and take in the atmosphere? Take a chance. This top River City whiskey club is all about the beverages and the community.

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