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The Welton Room Bar Denver, Guide & Review

Giving lounge life a whole new meaning, Welton’s room is sexy, sultry, and glamourous. The best combination for a wild night out. It promises you a sensual experience complemented by delicately crafted cocktails. The lush lounge ambiance and the small plates they offer will make you come back for more. Even the names complement the feel of the space so well. From ‘Pick me up Maria,’ a mix of tequila, freshly brewed espresso, and coffee liqueur, to ‘The dark side,’ which offers you American whiskey, single malt scotch, st. george bruto americano, Aperol, px sherry, sweet vermouth, and apple chips. It is a unique taste that you will want more of. Such a luxurious list of ingredients justifies the $16 price point. The liquid nitrogen adds more oomph to the experience one can’t resist showing off on social media. Your friends will envy you. Each drink is assembled so meticulously that you cannot help but stare at it for a while in awe. The sleek black marble bar top is complemented with dried herbs, fruits, and florals that create a sultry sensory experience.


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