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The Whale & Ale Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Looking for an Irish pub grub with Victorian decor & oak paneled walls then The Whale and Ale is the place for you to go. The experience at this place it’s like you’ve traveled across the pond. The ambience at this San Pedro pub is authentically British, with plenty of oak panels and brass fittings. The dishes here are; Roast lamb, beef and seafood dishes like classic fish and chips are reliably good. Roasted prime rib comes in small (Anne Boleyn), medium (Whale of a Cut) and a large (Henry VIII) portions. Traditional items include shepherd’s pie made with filet mignon and leg of lamb, as well as bangers and mash.

This venue does a serviceable job of acknowledging India’s influence on English cuisine through the likes of grilled tandoori lamb chops and various curries. There are also some atypical selections such as twice-roasted duckling in Cumberland sauce which will be amazing. The best desserts are the sherry trifle and the sticky toffee pudding. A treasure in the heart of downtown San Pedro. Warm environment of an Irish pub with a very friendly and helpful staff which will make sure you will enjoy their services. There is a great jazz trio playing the night so awesome and still you will be able to enjoy your conversation.  The place has Lots of beer choices including a Black and Tan in a traditional pub glass.

Whale and Ale absolutely stands out as the best place to have a nice dinner, and if it’s in your plan, you can enjoy a pint of good draught beer. If  you’re at the place on  Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening, a little music will add up to the fun. Don’t miss out on the fun at the Whale. Your presence will be much appreciated.

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