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Whitehorse is a live performance of country music served in this hip, bright, vast honky-tonk with an outdoor taco rack. At Whitehorse Saloon, hipsters, yuppies, college students, and authentic honky tonk all share one thing. It means that they are having a great time. Since its opening in 2011, Whitehorse has been a popular venue for Austin’s finest musicians, playing live sets from concerts and country to blues and pop. There are no windows, and the flow of spinning couples on the dance floor never stops. Not surprisingly, it’s easy to forget time here. 

The saloon is famous for its cold beer “Bomb Tacos” and the dangerously cheap house special two-step (whiskey and  Lone Star beer shots). This may be Austin’s coolest honky-tonk. Whiskey on the tap, diverse crowds, pool table, photo booth-need more to say? This may be Austin’s coolest honky-tonk. The no-frills space reassures newcomers, and patrons go to the dance floor every night as live music is played on a small stage. A photo booth, pool table, and a small courtyard with seats allow you to take a break between sets. The energy of this dive seems never to run out. 

And the dynamic crowd is one of the greatest surprises here- a multi-generational mix of hipsters, ranchers, rockabilly, and bikers gathering every night. A full-fledged bar with taps of whiskey will make everyone in the house have a good time. Drinks are as cheap as they get. From 5 pm to 1:30 am, tacos, Mexican hot dogs (with bacon, onions, and pico degaro), and burgers are served on a hungry barfly. If you’re looking for reliability, get Al Pastor Taco. The bartenders here are not kidding-they not only serve drinks, but also run parties. You may have to go through some elbows to take your order when struck. These are old believers of the rough, unruly nights in town, dancing and drinking in the early hours. Great for birthdays and the end of the bachelor events/bachelor parties. This is one of the best country bars that Austin has to offer. If you like country music and the vibes of a honky tonk, then this place is for you!

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